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Loyalty and Reward Points

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Loyalty & Rewards at Adult Toy Lounge

Here is how it works for you

  1. Create an account here at Adult Toy Lounge. Go create an account now !
  2. Continue to shop and spend and your points are added to your account automatically.
  3. When your order is delivered, your points are validated in your account and are ready to use.
  4. Convert your points into a voucher and use it to discount any of our products.
  5. All controlled by you from within your account.
  6. You MUST create an account on our website to obtain the loyalty rewards discounts


Points grow

Every time you spend £1.00 on any of our products you earn 1 point.

How to convert points to a voucher

  1. Login to your account
  2. On the My Account screen CLICK "My loyalty points"
  3. CLICK  "Transform my points into a voucher of £...."
  4. A message will ask you to confirm the action and will ADD a voucher code to your account.
  5. At the Checkout enter the voucher code to get a discount.

Login to your account now !



A few simple rules

  • Points do not have any monetary value and the Points or Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash or their cash value.
  • Loyalty Points can only be redeemed against Adult Toy Lounge products bought at our online shop.
  • There is no time limit on saving and spending your points.
  • We reserve the right with utmost authority to add, adjust or remove Loyalty Points if any problems arise over customer account errors, multiple customer accounts, refunds, products returned or any other reason that may require adjudication.


All you have to do now is have fun shopping at Adult Toy Lounge

                                                                     ....and get some deserve it !

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