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Inside the Adult World

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Members of the British parliament had accessed porn sites over a quarter of million times in a year, this brought the world of adult entertainment back into mainstream British media.

Roxy Rabbit, a Korma and a Pilau

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Roxy Rabbit, anyway I got sent this toy other day and decided I needed something more adventurous then a Korma and Pilau on a Saturday night ... so last Saturday was the night I would get me Rocks off to this baby ...

Juicy Julie sex toy expert

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Ok, well first let me introduce myself properly. My name is Julie and I am a 45yr old married lesbian sex toy tester.

Rocks Off Bullet Bunny

Posted by
Rocks Off bullet bunny pink and wicked. Ok I am 46 yrs old and always been a sucker for nice colours and packaging, so when I saw rocks of bunny, it caught my eye with its prettiness and being pink made this 46 yr old lesbian feel girly ...

Penises used to have spines

Posted by
Penises used to have spines, just goes to show we learn something new everyday ! Well there is a fact I didn't know !

Realistic vagina and boobies

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Well its been a difficult week and then I got request to review a fake vagina and boobies while using a strapless strap on. The Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator from Pipedream is a heavy weight 12lbs of luscious soft flesh.

Love and Kisses

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Valentine's Day the 14th of February brings love and romance