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Alabama (USA) sex toy ban !

Posted by
In United States, Alabama has banned the sale of sex toys, or any items which can generate sexual stimulation. We all know how a free thinking country like America is, it has numerous stores selling sex toys, but the governor of Alabama thinks otherwise with his prudish decision of banning toys which can generate sexual stimulation.

Rocks Off Bullet Bunny

Posted by
Rocks Off bullet bunny pink and wicked. Ok I am 46 yrs old and always been a sucker for nice colours and packaging, so when I saw rocks of bunny, it caught my eye with its prettiness and being pink made this 46 yr old lesbian feel girly ...

Juicy Julie sex toy expert

Posted by
Ok, well first let me introduce myself properly. My name is Julie and I am a 45yr old married lesbian sex toy tester.

Penises used to have spines

Posted by
Penises used to have spines, just goes to show we learn something new everyday ! Well there is a fact I didn't know !

Inside the Adult World

Posted by
Members of the British parliament had accessed porn sites over a quarter of million times in a year, this brought the world of adult entertainment back into mainstream British media.
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