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Welcome to Adult Toy Lounge Blog

Welcome to Adult Toy Lounge Blog

Hey guys welcome to the start of our new blog! 

I’m Heather from Adult Toy Lounge and I will post news, product reviews, advice and keep you up to date with latest things going off at Adult Toy Lounge. I will try to keep our Blog interesting and fun. 

We shall have a guest Blogger and Sex Toy tester called Juicy Julie, here every week. She will no doubt keep us all informed and entertained as she writes about her lively and descriptive exploits as she tests some sex toys for us.

I’m going to be watching your comments and reviews and will take on board what you say and suggest!

Well where shall we start? 

Hey I know! Let's start with a big thank you to all you lovely customers and visitors who have been so kind to join us. So a great big thank you!

Oh boy this could be an eye opener lol. 

Anyway thank you Guys and watch this space. We also have instant news and events on our pages at Facebook and Twitter


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