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Free batteries from us to you !

Free batteries from us to you !

A quick refresh of this important news from the start of 2017.

So, you get that shiny new adult toy or gift. Open up the package and get it out for the first time.

Turn it on...and nothing happens ! It doesn't have the power.

You guessed it, your new toy needs batteries and that means parting with more cash.

We started to notice that many toy manufacturers stopped including the necessary power for their products.

Now, we like to think, we empower our customers and visitors with uplifting, beautiful looking and hopefully useful toys and gifts, to help achieve and maintain a happy, healthy and fulfilling sex life.

We started adding in free batteries with your orders so you could get going as soon as you took that toy out of the parcel. It seemed to work, many of you commented on this and sent in some nice little messages of thanks.

So from now we at Adult Toy Lounge will add FREE batteries into your orders for all toys and gifts that require batteries.

As DelBoy said....You know it makes sense....Who ?  Don't get me going on that one.

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