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WHAT IS SEXUAL WELLNESS? We believe that when an individual or couple can choose sexual behaviour and experiences with confidence, happiness and awareness, they open the doorway both physically and emotionally to sexual wellness.

Wearing the shirt with pride

Posted by
We are pleased to show our new T-shirts proudly worn by one of our loyal customers. Congratulations to Scott X, our first model for our T-shirts. Scott X was doing some cheeky modelling in the Scottish Highlands and wanted to share his experiences.

Special offer for the one you LOVE

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Special offer for valentines day

12 days of Christmas daily deals

Posted by
Adult Toy Lounge start a 12 days of Christmas daily deal from the 1st of December. Imagine having an adult gift everyday.

Black Friday 2016

Posted by
Adult Toy Lounge announce the start of a Black Friday sale of 2016

Website updates

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Announce special offers and website updates for Adult Toy Lounge

Bonfire Banging Night

Posted by
Something hopefully goes bang in the night for you.

Doncaster Pride

Posted by
So this weekend we met wonderful people at 10th Doncaster Pride

Ladyfinger vibrator product review

Posted by
Ladyfinger vibrator product review for Adult Toy Lounge by sex toy tester Horny Hetty.

Horny Hetty playing around....still

Posted by
Hey everyone its Horny Hetty here. Hope your all feeling horny and had a great Easter. Well today Heather has given me a lady finger vibrator to try for size. So I will be getting back to you with an update on this quite soon, as soon as I can get to grips with it.

OK Adult Loungers, I'm Horny Hetty

Posted by
i'm Horny Hetty and I will be adult toy lounge's latest product and all round sex tester. Looking forward to trying your amazing products and letting you all have the benefit of my experience....Bring them on !!

The Holy Grail of climaxing

Posted by
If you're lucky, you’ve had plenty of clitoral orgasms. You may have even had some G-spot orgasms. And experts say it’s possible to have themtogether with a blended orgasm, a.k.a. the Holy Grail of climaxing.

Realistic vagina and boobies

Posted by
Well its been a difficult week and then I got request to review a fake vagina and boobies while using a strapless strap on. The Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator from Pipedream is a heavy weight 12lbs of luscious soft flesh.

Headaches and Sex

Posted by
Headaches are the most common ailment that many face on a daily basis, but instead of reaching for the pain relieving pills, head to the bedroom for a rousing session of sex that will take that stress away.

Roxy Rabbit, a Korma and a Pilau

Posted by
Roxy Rabbit, anyway I got sent this toy other day and decided I needed something more adventurous then a Korma and Pilau on a Saturday night ... so last Saturday was the night I would get me Rocks off to this baby ...

New product lines and a bit of bondage

Posted by
Summer is here and we have lots of exciting new things happening in the toy lounge over the next few months.

Hot stuff and not just the weather

Posted by
In a bizarre experiment, 266 men were recruited from across the socioeconomic spectrum. They were each shown pictures of five women with varying breast sizes and asked to rate their attractiveness.

Alabama (USA) sex toy ban !

Posted by
In United States, Alabama has banned the sale of sex toys, or any items which can generate sexual stimulation. We all know how a free thinking country like America is, it has numerous stores selling sex toys, but the governor of Alabama thinks otherwise with his prudish decision of banning toys which can generate sexual stimulation.

Rocks Off Bullet Bunny

Posted by
Rocks Off bullet bunny pink and wicked. Ok I am 46 yrs old and always been a sucker for nice colours and packaging, so when I saw rocks of bunny, it caught my eye with its prettiness and being pink made this 46 yr old lesbian feel girly ...

Juicy Julie sex toy expert

Posted by
Ok, well first let me introduce myself properly. My name is Julie and I am a 45yr old married lesbian sex toy tester.

Penises used to have spines

Posted by
Penises used to have spines, just goes to show we learn something new everyday ! Well there is a fact I didn't know !

Inside the Adult World

Posted by
Members of the British parliament had accessed porn sites over a quarter of million times in a year, this brought the world of adult entertainment back into mainstream British media.

Welcome to Adult Toy Lounge Blog

Posted by
I’m Heather from Adult Toy Lounge and I will post news, product reviews, advice and keep you up to date with latest things going off at Adult Toy Lounge. I will try to keep our Blog interesting and fun.